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Homeowners looking to add a residential home elevator to their newly renovated home must learn about the different aspects of purchasing an elevator. Several factors come into play in addition to the price of an elevator. This article discusses some of the important points that one needs to keep in mind while planning to buy an elevator from escalator suppliers in UAE for a home or commercial facility.


One should have a clear idea about the purpose of purchasing an elevator. It usually serves as a better alternative to a set of stairs for clients visiting a commercial place. For a home, it serves as the focal point of the interior design. Home lifts are also convenient for elderly family members and individuals who use wheelchairs. These considerations are beneficial for narrowing down the escalator suppliers in UAE options at the time of purchasing. Being aware of the purpose is also necessary for the selection of a proper design.


Design is one of the top concerns for individuals looking to purchase a home lift. For those having certain specifications to fit with their interior decor, there is a huge selection of residential and commercial elevators to choose from. Elevator and escalator suppliers in UAE provide custom-made solutions according to the necessity of the client.


Elevators and escalators surely add a sense of beauty to the interiors. However irrespective of the architectural aesthetics ensuring that the elevated is safe for the passenger is necessary. Escalator suppliers in UAE require complying with strict safety regulations and code requirements. When purchasing an elevator one must always consult with an engineer about the safety requirements before installation. Breaking sensors, guide pads, and emergency stop buttons play an important role in ensuring the safety of an escalator.


When it comes to traffic handling the position of an elevator in a commercial facility is important. It also helps in improving sales numbers and helps customers move around the different places of a store. Therefore figuring out the location of an elevator is important so that the customers can be directed to specific stores and shops.

Type of Building

The design and size of the building is an important factor to consider at the time of purchasing an elevator from escalator suppliers in UAE. It also plays an important role during the final installation of the elevator at the site. For busy commercial facilities, continuous two-way elevators are most suitable. On the other hand, single-way elevators are suitable for places with lesser foot traffic. At times it also helps in directing customers to strategically set product displays.

Qualities to Look For When Purchasing and Elevated


It is always best to look for solutions that will perfectly fit an existing building layout without much modification. For some, it might seem like a subtle difference but at the time of installation, flexibility ensures a proper fit. Minimal adjustments are needed for the headroom, shaft size, décor, and finish. It also allows more flexibility in terms of design and space.

Some clients look for custom design elevators that will reflect the look of the business or home through the various features. The design of the car, lighting, floors, wall structure, materials, and landing doors help in keeping up with the rest of the interior decor.

Flexibility is more about catering to the varied requirements of the customers. Escalator suppliers in UAE today provide an extensive range of outdoor elevators, indoor elevators, and boutique elevators for commercial facilities, glass lifts, elevators for services in goods, and more.


Typically modern-day elevators by escalator suppliers in UAE last seamlessly for more than 25 years. Sunelevators is known for offering some of the highest quality elevators for their clients located in different parts of the world.


Safety always becomes one of the top priorities at the time of purchasing a lift. One must always ensure that it complies with the highest safety standards for the passengers. Modern-day elevators from escalator suppliers in UAE come with additional safety features like emergency lowering, floor unlocking, and more.

Elevators from escalator suppliers in UAE have become the spine of modern-day high-rise buildings. It offers the necessary access and transportation to the occupants of both domestic and commercial facilities. However, one must always keep in mind that custom-made elevators may look attractive but they include a lot of complicated components. This makes it difficult to maintain them in the long run.

Before making a final purchase always and make sure to check the elevator completely. This gives a clear idea of how it fits perfectly for a business or home. It also gives a firsthand experience of using the elevator. escalator suppliers in UAE today have top-of-the-line showrooms to showcase their extensive range of products to potential clients. elevator maintenance companies in UAE not only showcase the products but also give customers a firsthand experience of the different features and functionalities.

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